Frequently asked questions

Where will I find my Repair Reference to enable me to login?

Not to be confused with your claim reference, your Repair Reference will be found on our e-mail to invite you to select your repairer online and will be found below your vehicle registration number. You may want to make a note of this number, as this reference is unique to your repair and can be used to access your repair details throughout the repair journey.

What is the Booking In Date?

The Booking In Date is the date you agree with your repairer for them to take possession of your vehicle for repairs to be carried out.

Will the date I choose be the date my repairs start?

Your repairer will always endeavour to meet your requested date, however, we can't promise this will be your Booking In Date. The aim is to reduce the off road time as much as possible, so if your vehicle is mobile, we will want the repairer to ensure they have fully assessed the damage and have confirmation of the likelihood of parts availability before bringing your vehicle on site. We fully understand the damage sustained to your vehicle is inconvenient but we don't want to add to the inconvenience by taking your vehicle in too early.

What if I don't have any photos of the damage?

Don't worry, you can still proceed by selecting the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page. We can arrange for our repairer to take some photos of the damage or you can add them later.

What do I need to do before Booking In my vehicle for repairs?

Before your vehicle goes in to the repairer, you should ensure that all personal possessions are removed from the vehicle to save them getting lost or damaged.

How often is the hub updated?

The hub is updated every time your repair progresses through the process, as well as, when your repairer sends a photo or text update, you will be notified every time this happens.

If a policy excess applies to your policy and it hasn't been waived by your insurer, then the excess will be payable upon completion of your repairs. Before paying your policy excess you should check around the vehicle to ensure you are happy with repairs. Any queries regarding your policy excess should be addressed in the first instance to your insurer.

Do I pay the excess even if the incident wasn't my fault?

Your policy excess is a contribution towards your repairs, but as an out of pocket expense you may be able to recover this from the at-fault driver's insurers.

Do I get a courtesy car?

Where requested and approved by your insurer, the Vizion Repairer is tasked with providing a courtesy car for the duration of the repair. The courtesy car will be provided once the damaged vehicle arrives on site or is on route via a recovery agent.

Will the repairer collect my vehicle?

The Vizion Approved Repairer will collect your vehicle, if required, please discuss with the repairer prior to booking your vehicle in for repairs.

How long will my repair take?

The repair duration will depend upon the level of damage and the work required to repair your vehicle. Your repairer will be able to give you an estimated completion date upon preparation of the estimate.

This will be displayed on your hub, you will be notified if this changes due to parts availability or unforeseen circumstances.

Will repairs effect the warranty on my vehicle?

The Vizion Repair Guarantee covers workmanship for the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle, this will typically be longer than a manufacturer warranty and will certainly not be less. All manufacturer parts fitted during the repair will carry the standard manufacturer's warranty.

How do I activate the guarantee?

Your certificate will be ready within 12 hours of your vehicle being collected and will be available on this page. Don't worry, we will send you details via email or SMS when it is ready.

What if there is a problem with my repair?

In the unlikely event of a problem with your repair, then in the first instance contact your repairer, their details are on the certificate and on your hub. Explain any problems that you may have. As a Vizion approved repairer they will investigate and offer support to rectify the problem.

When can I provide feedback?

Once your repair is complete your survey will be available on here, do not worry if you forget, we will send you an email or SMS inviting you to fill in the survey once your vehicle has been collected. Check your communication preferences to ensure you receive this request.

What happens if my vehicle is written off or a total loss?

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is a write off, your insurer will contact you to discuss how best to settle your claim. Your repairer will request the return of the Courtesy Car.