During the repair of your vehicle, you may find the repairer or claims handler will reach out with additional updates or information relating to your vehicle and its repair, including potential offers. The hub will automatically notify you of these messages via SMS or email with a link to your dedicated page within the hub.

What is the estimated completion date?

An estimated completion date will be provided to you once your repair has been estimated, authorised, and parts have arrived on site. This date serves as the best possible date that your repairs will be complete by. However, this date can change should any unforeseen circumstances occur, such as extra parts required to be ordered, or a failed quality check. If the estimated completion date changes, the hub will automatically update you via SMS or email that a change has occurred with a link to view your new estimated completion date.

Your repair status

Your hub is connected to the bodyshop's management system and the status will update as it passes through each stage, to better understand these stages we provide a brief description under each title.

Your timeline

Your timeline shows the full repair journey from receipt of repair notification, to completion of repairs. If any additional messages, photo updates, or offers have been provided to you via the hub, these will also show in your timeline.

Your initial repair options

In the early stages of the repair you may be offered the following options, these are based on the repair progression and will only show when they are acceptable to do so.

Cancel repair

If you have changed your mind about your vehicle repairs, and wish to cancel them, then please select this option. You will be presented with a selection of cancellation reasons to allow us to understand your reasoning for cancellation, and to allow us to offer further support if required.

Change repairer

If you require to change your repairer for any reason, then please select this option. You will be presented with a selection of reasons for the change, and a further 5 alternative repair shops will be presented to you.

Change booking date

It happens to us all; double booked, can't get the time off work or another more urgent appointment has come to fruition. No problem, use this option to let us know of your new preferred booking date. Your chosen repairer will be notified and will contact you to confirm the new booking date.